bbq products best confirm order time in today

From: barbecue tools sales
publisher: andywu
Time: 2019-08-07
Summary: all the bbq order confirm time in the today,it will be save you many money
     Today is August 7th, our factory is not too busy, and it has begun to produce confirmed orders, because the off-season lasting four months has come to an end. Starting from September, many customer orders will be confirmed. The factory must arrange production according to the order of orders. At that time, all customer orders will be required to be shipped before the China new year. all the  factory  only give up accepting some orders only . The factory will chooses to accept customers orders.  old customers is first, and orders with high profits are preferred. So the sooner the order is confirmed, the more cost it can save.
        In October, all the bbq  factories had been filled with orders, and the factory had no way to accept the orders of  shipped before China new year. If the orders could be accepted, it would be very high costs, and the quality would not be well controlled. As production materials will rise, transportation costs will rise and production time will be tight. The above phenomena have occurred normally before in China year yet!!!
      So, if you want to sell your product in the Spring Festival next year, you must confirm your order before is best day.