Learn the basics of three-point barbecue, you will also become a master of barbecue

Learn the basics of three-point barbecue, you will also become a master of barbecue


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Learn the basics of three-point barbecue, you will also become a master of barbecue
Barbecue 3 basic skills first learn
POINT 1 ingredients are completely iced to bake:
Alternate ingredients remember to just refrigerate, if the meat also contains ice slag, you must first completely freeze and then bake. Food that has not been ebullited is easily scorched outside, and it is hard and hard to dry.
POINT 2 The fire is moderate:
  After the fire is over, the charcoal turns red, and the temperature is best when the flame is picked up. After putting the iron net, the palm is about 10 cm away from the net, and it feels like the best feeling when the palm has a burning sensation after about 8 seconds. Should avoid big fire barbecue
 When grilling meat, it is recommended to lay aluminum foil on the iron mesh. If it is not matched with aluminum foil, when the oil drops and the fire is picked up, it can be sprinkled with water to cool down, but remember to pick up the net and food to avoid the ash and charcoal residue of the charcoal fire. On the food.
POINT 3 Try not to stick in the bamboo stick:
Many people are used to inserting rice blood, sweet and not spicy on the bamboo sticks. Not only is the food connection not easy to roast, but the temperature in the middle of the fire is high, and the sweetness under the string is always uncooked, but the above It has already been burned out. In addition, some people will learn the barbecue shop, and string different green peppers, meat slices and other ingredients on the bamboo sticks. However, due to the different heats, it is difficult for the average person to master the baking time.

You must constantly turn over and check if the food is cooked. When it is grilled, take it up and avoid overcooking.
General ingredients are baked like this

Slices that are similar to hot pot meat are very easy to cook. When the fire is maintained at the above-mentioned best heat, turn it over once in about 10 seconds, about 6 to 7 times, and eat when the meat is completely discolored. If it is a thick piece of meat like a small steak, turn it around 20 to 30 seconds, don't turn it over for 1 minute, then it will be burnt off!

If the meat is very fresh, it is best to eat about 7 minutes. As shown in this figure, the slightest discoloration and bloodshot taste is the best, and the fresh meat is sprinkled with a little sea salt, you can completely eat the original taste of the meat, than with the barbecue sauce. More delicious!

Aluminum foil baking method: In fact, it is very simple, not easy to burn, but don't worry, open it and see if there is smoke in the gap every 10 minutes. If there is, it means the ingredients are cooked. It is necessary to check regularly, otherwise it will not taste delicious after cooking!
These ingredients are so hard to bake

Black and black rice blood can not see the roasting! The focus of roasting rice blood is to completely defrosting, and flipping once in about 30 seconds, when it can gently fold the blood, it means it has been cooked. The skill of baking sweet and not spicy is the same as that of rice blood.

Sausage: It is recommended to use a bamboo stick to insert a few holes in the sausage to allow heat to enter the interior. Because the sausage is very thick, it flips once in about 40 seconds. When the bamboo stick can be quickly inserted into the sausage, it is cooked. There are many sausages and oils. It is recommended to put them on the edge of the grill and in a small fire to avoid a fire. If you are too lazy to care for sausages, you can steam the sausages first and then heat them on a charcoal fire.

Saury: It must be placed on aluminum foil to make it better. If it is turned over in about 1 minute, it can be preserved with aluminum foil to keep the oozing juice. When the gravy next to the fish is sizzling, it means already Baked almost.

Corn: Be sure to bake at the best heat. There is no flame but the temperature is enough, the surface will not be burnt. Don't brush the barbecue sauce at this time, otherwise it is more difficult to distinguish the ripeness. Bake until the corn kernels swell and become full golden (pictured), indicating that it has been baked. At this time, brush the sauce or cream and put it on the oven for 15 seconds.

Squid: The meat of the squid is thicker. It is best to simmer it before roasting to avoid the failure of roasting and waste. Cut the belly and open it before baking. Insert the bamboo sticks on the left and right sides, so that the whole piece of the squid can be spread out. It is also convenient to turn over and bake until the squid scent is released.
Barbecue guide
First, the string method
Wash the meat and vegetables that should be roasted first, then cut the meat into square strips 2-4 cm long and 0.8 cm wide (also customizable): ribs are priced according to your market price; fish scales After breaking open, remove the intestines and cut into pieces of 12 cm in length or long-length whole fish: 藕 to wear oysters. Then the bamboo sticks are put into a string: the meat is dressed in a T-shape: a large string of fish, eggplant, etc., each with two signatures.
Second, the baking process
1. Fire: First clean the oven. (Before grilling the food, first brush a layer of oil on the grill to prevent the food from sticking to the rack. Use an iron brush to brush off the residue on the grill and keep the grill. Clean, will not affect the flavor of the food), add charcoal (the best choice for fuel is charcoal, try not to use chemical charcoal. The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of grilled food when charcoal is hot, therefore, choose charcoal It is the basis for enjoying delicious food. The good quality charcoal fire generally burns for a long time and the fire is good. It is best to choose the branches of charcoal. Do not use whole tubers, otherwise it will not be easy to point. At the time of ignition, take a pack of fire.
For 5 capsules, put 5 capsules at a time. When the charcoal is to be burnt to the transparent red heat, spread it evenly and bake it. When the surface of the charcoal has not been burnt through, do not rush to bake, so that it is easy to stain the food, blacken it, and burn it fully. Then, the charcoal fire is smashed into a fire layer with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm.
2. Baking: Put the food skewers on the stove surface, and directly brush the meat and ribs (both sides are brushed), and turn them over at the right time. The strings look like oil bubbles rolling, the color turns white and yellow, indicating maturity, chickens should be grilled to have a sound of explosion, chicken wings are roasted into a large yellow foam, and the chicken legs are grilled and smashed with a knife to roast until the browning, there is no blood overflow. mature. The length of baking should be based on the size of the fire and the variety of skewers, but must not be burnt. Brush the oil while roasting, and sprinkle with spicy powder, cumin or powder when the food is roasted until it is ripe. Brush the oil and serve it with a little roast.
3. Vegetables should be placed on the surface of the stove, then add the vegetable powder, brush with a brush and wipe the skin evenly, turn over and over to bake the eggplant and other soft roasted small roasted yellow can be sprinkled with spicy powder, 孜 then brush The oil can be eaten for a few more seconds.
Note: Use vegetable oil, salad oil, banned sesame oil, lard, etc.
4. After the brush is stained with oil, wipe off the excess oil on the cylinder. The brush does not fall into the fire and the smoke is correct.
Attachment: Modulation of the sauce
1. Ingredients: 500 grams of pickled pepper, 150 grams of sesame sauce, 200 grams of peanut butter, 40 grams of chili oil, 100 grams of garlic kernel, 30 grams of pepper powder, 80 grams of MSG, 1 packet of special fresh 1st, 100 grams of chicken essence, 20 grams of sugar , 40 grams of refined salt.
2. First, the pickled pepper is fine, and the garlic flap is peeled and smashed.
3. Use a porcelain to fill the sesame sauce, peanut butter, garlic fine foam, pepper powder, special fresh No. 1, chicken essence, sugar, salt and so on.
4. Use the vegetable oil to cook into the eight ripe, add the fine foam of the pickled pepper, then pour the porcelain into the adjusted material and cover it. Let it taste after cooling. If it is salty, put some sugar and MSG. The salt is a fragrant sauce.

Third, the baking method master
1. Grilled meat: Thin slices of meat can be cooked in about 3 minutes. It should not be baked for too long. Otherwise, if the meat becomes hard or burnt, it will not taste good. Pork must be cooked until it is fully cooked before it can be eaten. Beef should not be roasted until it is fully cooked. Otherwise it will destroy the tenderness of the meat.
2. Seafood and fish: When the clams and fillets are grilled, it is best to wrap them in foil. This is not easy to scorch the skin, and it is easy to store delicious soup. Barbecue for about 2 to 3 minutes, the fish fillets are raised and ready to eat.
3. Sweet and not hot, hot dogs, sausages, etc.: Try to use small fires, in addition to vegetables, it is best to put them in a tin foil box and grill them in a smoldering way. The fire is as good as possible.
Fourth, the main skills
1. "Direct BBQ" and "Indirect BBQ"
Everyone may ask: Isn't grilling meat and other foods on fire? No, European barbecues can be burned, simmered, baked, fried, etc. The "burning" belongs to the open fire barbecue. Barbecue; while others are called indirect barbecues.
A, direct barbecue
1 Place the ball carbon in the center of the grill carbon rack.
2 Put the vegetable meat in the center of the grill and grill directly.
B, indirect barbecue
1 ball of carbon is ignited and placed at both ends of the carbon frame.
2 meat vegetables are placed in the middle of the grill.
3 Cover the stove cover, adjust the heat with the damper, and cook the food by smoked oysters.
2. Common food barbecue time and fire control
The quality of the barbecue food is affected by many factors such as the length of the barbecue, the mastery of the fire, the choice of barbecue equipment and even the environment at the time. In order to achieve the best barbecue effect, the above factors can not be ignored, especially the control of barbecue time and heat is the key.
In general, the indirect barbecue method takes longer than the direct barbecue method.
3. Basic steps of assembly, ignition and grilling
First prepare the parts and carbon materials of the grill, assemble the grill, bracket and coaming according to the instructions, and then burn the burning carbon.
1. Lay a layer of charcoal on the charcoal net and pile it into a pyramid shape. Pour in a combustion aid such as alcohol and let the charcoal fully absorb it for about one minute.
2. Charcoal begins to burn with a small amount of black smoke. Add the grilling net at this time. After burning for 10-15 minutes, the charcoal is spread evenly at this time, and the hand is placed on the baking net, and the hand has a hot feeling.
3. Spread the food that needs to be grilled evenly in the center of the grilled net, and strive to heat the food evenly.
4. Adjust the position of the food as needed during the barbecue to make the parts evenly heated. If the barbecue is a large and thick food such as burdock, it should be cooked on the other side, otherwise it will be difficult to roast and may burn.

Five, healthy eating
Although the barbecue is delicious, it still inevitably makes us worry: because the barbecue is easy to cause cancer, sometimes it will eat bad belly after eating. Nutritionists tell us: In fact, pay more attention to the process of roasting and eating. The taste and health can be the same. Let's take a look at which barbecue methods are wrong:
Mistake 1: Roasting too coke The charred material is easy to cause cancer, and when the meat is dripping onto the charcoal fire, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced will stick to the food with the volatiles of the smoke, and it is also a strong carcinogen.
Solution: It is best to wrap it in foil when roasting to avoid eating carcinogens. Once burnt, be sure to throw away the burnt parts, absolutely not edible.
Mistake 2: Too much barbecue sauce is usually marinated with soy sauce before roasting, and many barbecue sauces need to be added when roasting, which will result in excessive salt consumption.
Solution: The best way is to marinate with low-salt soy sauce, so you don't need to use barbecue sauce; or the barbecue sauce is diluted with drinking water before use. If it is too thin to be attached, add a little too. White powder thickens.
Mistake 3: The dishes such as dishes and chopsticks used for raw foods are not separated when the cooked food appliances are not separated from the barbecue. It is easy to cause cross-infection and eat bad stomach.
Solution: Prepare two set meals to avoid contamination of cooked food.
In addition to the barbecue method, we are also worried about the barbecue is too greasy.
Worry one: too much grease, barbecue materials are generally high-calorie foods such as meat, plus the use of barbecue sauce, etc., the oil content is too high, it is easy to cause body fat accumulation.
Solution: When choosing barbecue materials, try to choose lean fish and fish with high fatty acid content, do not eat fat meat. In addition, you can also eat some vegetables to reduce greasy. In addition, keeping a slow chewing and exercising after a meal is a good way to consume fat.
Worry 2: Cholesterol is too high, too little fiber. Meat is often dominated by meat and seafood. The cholesterol content is high and fiber intake is often insufficient.
Solution: Should choose more white, green pepper and other foods, and eat more fruits such as orange and other vitamin C, not only low in calories, rich in vitamins, but also rich in pectin and fiber, can promote bowel movements, lower cholesterol. In addition, vitamin C also has a good anti-cancer effect.
Sixth, other matters of outdoor barbecue
1, with a scald medicine is still necessary, Yunnan Baiyao is better
2. Since it is a barbecue in the wild, the clothing should conform to the wild environment and be worn casually. It is best not to wear leather shoes, nor to wear chemical fiber clothing. It is easy for Mars to burn a hole in chemical fiber clothes.
3, carbon, if you need to be hollow carbon 2 large package steel carbon 4 big package, the specific ignition remember to use solid alcohol, then bring some newspapers, first use alcohol to rub in the newspaper, then ignite the newspaper to put carbon on top, start with hollow Carbon, steel carbon after the point.
4, find a suitable weather, the wind should not exceed three levels!